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You need information on an organization your about to do business with. This may be a top Fortune 500 company, a local business or a non-profit org. Whoever it is, be prepared to make great decisions. CEO can help with our business analytics products; 3-Panel Report, Opportunity Map and Intersection Analysis.

3-Panel Report

The 3 Panel Report allows OU departments to make solid, informed decisions based on key knowledge points that are imperative to understand before engaging any entity outside of the university. This concise report provides data in 3 key sections; analysis of OU's current relationship, potential partner opportunity assessment and optimal engagement stategy.

3 Panel Report

Opportunity Map

mapWhen we do an intersection analysis we map areas of campus where there are opportunities for OU to collaborate between a partner.

This gives a brief visual into the broad and strong capabilities of the University.

Intersection Analysis

Intersection AnalysisThe analysis matches up the strengths of OU with a possible or current partner of the University.

This quickly helps identify the opportunities where we can engage as a University and leverage relationships between partners.










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